special interest

Each tour will be designed especially for you


Photographers from all over the world loooove Romania!

Just bring your camera with you and you will be tempted all the time.

It doesn’t matter if you are into landscape photography, locals & crafts, people, street photography, here you’ll have all.

More than this, nothing is staged. You’ll get the most authentic scenes and people will enjoy it together with you.

You have the chance to see horses and carts, people making hay stacks, women weaving, spinning wool, knitting in front of their porches. Or if you are in luck, attend a traditional festival, or a countryside wedding!

Well, it’s very common to see everyone dressed traditionally!


ancestry research

Romania has a very complicated history. Because of that, during the centuries it was colonized with germans, hungarians, serbians, bulgarians, jews,  french, turks, tartars and many others. Changing the borders many times and political issues led to deportations or immigration to other places for a better life.

It happened already, that long lost families to come back to Romania of today, and look for the places where their great grandparents used to live and find out more things about their roots. 

Here we come to help with all the research, including the national archives, cemeteries, churches, villages. 

If you are one of the people who has roots in the old territory of Romania, contact us and maybe you’ll find some relatives that you didn’t know about.. It happened!