The hidden treasures of Apuseni Mountains

Explore the hidden treasures of the Apuseni Mountains. You will find yourself in impressive caves, gold mine, bucolic landscapes, traditional craftmen, stories about people’s lives and activities, and many more.

Where: Apuseni Mountains (4 days)
Departure point: Arad; TimisoaraSibiu (other departure points available upon request)
Best time for visit: all year round
Type of activity: easy hikes, rural, cultural
Level of difficulty: easy
Highlights: Alba Carolina Fortress; Rosia Montana gold mine; The Glacier from Vartop Cave; Scarisoara ice cave; Woman playing the tulnic; Craftman; Ruginoasa Canyon

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Day 1: Alba Carolina Fortress, The mining museum in Rosia Montana

Alba Carolina Fortress

 The beautiful Alba Carolina fortress was built between 1714 and 1738 and it is considered to be the most representative baroque, Vauban-type star fortress in Romania and one of the largest of this kind in Eastern Europe. It was once one of the most powerful citadels in southeastern Europe, and served in the line of defense meant to keep out Turkish invaders from Central Europe.

The mining museum from Rosia Montana

Rosia Montana is a mining town in Apuseni Mountains, Alba County.

It is the first attested  (in documents) town in Romania. First, it was known as Alburnus Maior.

We will visit the Roman Galeries, which are among the oldest mining exploatations in Europe, where visitors are allowed to take more than a sneak peak inside.To get down inside the mine we will have to descend 157 steps, then we will get to the tall and low galleries, made by the romans 2000 years ago; on the walls one can still observe the golden stripes.It seems that the romans carved inside the mountains, creating an entire labyrinth that can be visited only partially.At the entrance in the gallery are exhibited/displayed mining instalations, as well as archeological artefacts. 

Day 2: Casa de Piatra Hamlet and The Glacier from Vartop Cave

We are now on Garda Seaca Valley , and after 12 km, we will reach The Stone House Hamlet, which is known as the Pearl of Apuseni Mountains. It is a small village enhabited by 20 famillies, with old houses spread out on the hills, at an altitude of 1000 m. The place is very scenic, as you will see.

Nearby we will find The Vartop Ice Cave, a protected nature monument. Every inch of it is covered with beautiful coloured concretions that will mesmerize you. Did you know that in this place the oldest trace of the Neanderthal man was discovered?

Day 3: Patrahaitesti Hamlet and Ruginoasa Canyon

Patrahaitesti Hamlet

On this 3 rd day the tourists will visit another beautiful hamlet in Apuseni, Patrahaitesti. Now it is their chance to discover the old traditions from the area.We will visit a local craftman and his small museum with ethnographic items.We will pay a visit to the lady who plays the famous tulnic, an ancient instrument. She will also perform a live demonstration to display her amazing skills such as singing and…weaving.

Ruginoasa Canyon

In the second part of the day we will do a short hike to The Ruginoasa Canyon, a famous and vast natural phenomenon, a protected area.Ruginoasa Canyon is an enormous ravene. It was formed by rain and erosion and it is still very active; the width of the hole is 600 m and the depth is over 100 m.

Day 4: Scarisoara Ice Cave and return to departure point

The Scarisoara Glacier is another nature monument and it is the biggest ice cave in Romania. It is situated at an altitude of 1165 m and goes back over 3000 years.The length of the cave is 720 m and the depth is 105 m. The ice block has a volume of 100000 m and a thickness of over 15 m, being the largest in Romania and the second largest underground glacier in the world.The access is made through a vertical hole, 60 m in diameter and 48 m in depth. There is a staircase, that makes it easier for visitors get inside the cave.


IMPORTANT: The program can be altered on the spot, depending on weather conditions and other relevant aspects such as the physical condition of the participants.

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