Experience Maramures, land of wood and traditions

Maramures is the place where the time stands still. It is one of the few places  in Romania and Europe where the old customs are still kept alive. Maramures is a vivid museum in open space and it offers a real journey back in time. Beautiful and warm people, singers, dancers, traditional costumes, old houses with big gates, wooden churches, are just some of the things you will see everyday, walking through Maramures. This tour offers a true experience, a deep insight in the life of the locals.

Highlights on this tour: The Merry Cemetery from Sapanta, Barsana Monastery(UNESCO), narrow gauge steam train (Mocanita) on Vasser Valley, visits in the authentic villages and many more. Check out the detailed program.

Where: Poienile Izei, Maramures
Depature points: Arad, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest. Upon request, we can arrange transportation from other locations.
Available: All year
Type of activity: cultural, rural

Price: Contact us for a price quotation and a customized tour.




Day 1: We are heading  to Maramures, Poienile Izei village.

Day 2: Visit to the famous landmarks: The Merry Cemetery from Sapanta (it is in the top 10 of the most interesting, unique graveyards in the world). In Sapanta we also have the workshop of the cemetery’s creator, where the merry crosses are made. Nearby, we are going to stop at the impressive Sapanta Peri Monastery, the tallest wooden church in the world. In the afternoon, is waiting for us Barsana Monastery,the most representative for Maramures architecture, part of the UNESCO heritage.

Day 3: Walk through the villages of Maramures.

Depending on the season, we will see different activities: women standing  outside on the porch (a very common sight in the romanian countryside), knitting; or washing the carpets they make in a traditional washing machine called ,,valtoare’’ (natural whirlpool), using the water from the river. As we walk through the narrow alleys we can see the men who boil and make the famous strong drink called horinca (60% alcohol proof), in their own distilleries. Of course, they will be more than proud to invite you to taste their famous brew. Just around the corner, another neighbor is grinding the corn, using a special machine designed by him. Another very common sight in the villages is that of a family making a giant haystack…
We are not going to miss the most famous craftsmen. We will go inside their houses and see how they make the famous wooden gates; we will observe the women weaving carpets, bags or making the traditional Maramures hats.

Day 4: Today we will do things very…very…slow! Yes, you are in for a great experience: a ride with the narrow and slow gauge steam train (Mocanita) on Vasser Valley.
Later on, if there is a celebration, festival, or a Sunday service at the church, we will be a part of it, and share their joy and beautiful coloured traditional costumes.

Being the last night in Maramures, we will have a special one, with traditional singers!

Day 5: For today, before leaving the beautiful Maramures, we are going to stop in Dragomiresti, at a beautiful ethnographic museum, made by a local woman with a lot of pride and passion.

Returning to departure point. End of tour.

IMPORTANT: The program can be altered on the spot, depending on weather conditions and other relevant aspects such as the physical condition of the participants.

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