Danube Gorge and Baile Herculane resort

Picture this for a minute: boat riding through the Danube river’s canals, amazing caves, narrow trails above the gorges, Decebal’s Head rock sculpture(the tallest rock sculpture in Europe) and a good and relaxing bath in thermal water.

Where: Iron Gates Natural Park, Baile Herculane resort (3 days)
Departure points: Arad, Timisoara. Upon request, we can arrange transportation from other locations.
Highlights: Tabula Traiana, Decebal’s head (the highest rock sculpture in Europe),  Ponicova  cave, Ciucaru Mare Peak, Baile Herculane resort
Type of activity: easy hiking, visits at cultural objectives
Available: All year. (Exception: for visiting Ponicova cave: May-November)
Level of difficulty: easy

Price: Contact us for a price quotation and a customized tour.



Day 1: Today we are heading towards the notorious Danube Boilers, from here we will start riding a boat on the Danube, where we’ll have a different perspective of the Boilers, getting right inside them.


Day 2: The long awaited moment has come! We are going deep inside the heart of the mountains, on a route that goes above the Boilers.

We will climb Ciucaru Peak, and we will enjoy an amazing view: the Danube river flowing through the majestic cliffs.

If you’re here between May-October, we also have in plan the beautiful Ponicova cave, which has a spectacular exist at the Danube.

In the evening we will return to the guesthouse and we will enjoy dinner and a delicious fish, from the Danube, made by the locals, in a traditional way.


Day 3: The last day is a more relaxing one but at the same time very interesting. Today we will visit the famous Herculane resort, once known as ,,the pearl of Europe’’ and of the Austrian – Hungarian Empire.

Although overlooked in the recent years, the landscapes around the city are amazing, and the place is known for its thermal water.

We will take a tour of the old town and visit the beautiful buildings that tell stories of kings and queens, who used to bathe in the thermal waters, many …many…years ago.

We cannot leave the place without trying the water ourselves, right?

Return to the departure point.


IMPORTANT: The program can be altered on the spot, depending on weather conditions and other relevant aspects such as the physical condition of the participants.

For booking this tour or for a customized offer please send us a message below.