Canoeing Day on Mures river

Canoeing on Mures river,  will be an experience of the senses in a landscape that you will carry with you a long time: silence splashing water, birds varied in color and shapes, trees and chained plants, wild and domestic animals.

WhereArad, Mures Meadow Natural Park
Depature points: Arad, Timisoara. Upon request, we can arrange transportation from other locations.
Departure time: 8 am. Returning time: approx. 8 pm

Highlights: Canoe, Mures Meadow Natural Park
Available: March-November
Type of activity: canoeing
Level of difficulty: easy

Price: Contact us for a price quotation and a customized tour.



From Arad, we’ll begin our canoeing experience, gently carried downstream by the waters of the river Mures to Pecica. During our journey, pushed by the waves, we let ourselves enveloped by the silence of nature that surrounds us, through the diversity of specific meadow landscape.

The birds will accompany us from time to time, looking like wanting to not let ourselves being just us – alone. ..
After several hours spent on the water, we’ll take a break for a short walk to the Pecica city center where we will visit the old Gothic cathedral.

After lunch  we arrive on the opposite bank of Mureș river, crossing the bridge and visit the Serbian Orthodox Monastery Bezdin and Bodrogul Nou with its beautiful legends.
After a day full of adventure, we return home, uploaded with tranquility offered by the serenity of places that we’ve passed through, either carried by the waves, or the slightly tired steps.


IMPORTANT: The program can be altered on the spot, depending on weather conditions and other relevant aspects such as the physical condition of the participants.

For booking this tour or for a customized offer please send us a message below.